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Someone messed up my financial aid paperwork for XXX College in NYC to pursue my dream of being an Air Traffic Controller. The tuition outta pocket would be too much for my family. But I didn’t give-up. I’m now going to @IvyTech Community College and in two years I will be in NYC with an internship at @laguardia airport. Mark my words!


Advice to my younger me (Aspirers): When you want something, you have to go after it, and let no one stop you. #hardword


I will be a Conservation Officer and arrest scumbags that damage our earth. I've always cared about the environment, and I want to protect it. It may sound weird, but I have family in Tennessee was evacuated from their home due to massive Forest fires. Sadly, I have friends that have started fires on camping trips for fun. One day, they will be the guys I will arrest for the damage they can cause. Whether it’s someone making a camp fire where they shouldn't, someone poaching, or someone dumping harmful things into the wildlife areas, I will arrest them and protect our earth.

Advise to younger self: Focus more in school, don't lose track in what you're doing, and don't forget to do you homework. You need to do well in school to be able to go to the college you want to go to, to get a scholarship.


It shocked me that a disease can erase everything you once were. Alzheimer's disease “erased” my grandparents and I’m going to @indianauniversity to become a Neuro Clinical Psychologist to ensure others don’t suffer as my loved ones did. The brain fascinates me because of the disease and mental illness that could be embedded in your DNA without you even knowing. It's an adventurous maze and my goal is to cure the illnesses locked away in this wonderful organ.


Advice to younger self (Aspirer): FILL IN WHAT YOU TOLD US IN THE RECORDING